SteakInn which is owned by YHF group ltd. We are, however, a steakhouse with a twist: where the steak gets cooked in front of you. By implanting volcanic rocks in the centre of the table, diners can order up from a wide range of steaks and other exotic meats. It’s an almost unheard of concept in London and beyond, so head out to Watford’s St. Albans Road for a totally new dining experience.











Hot & Spicy from the Volcanic grill

Featured Steaks

  • Fillet Steak

    only £ 18.95
    Hunters Chicken

    only £ 9.95
    Rib Eye Steak

    only £ 13.95

The SteakInn restaurant is always a family favourite, and at SteakInn on St Albans Road in Watford, we are doing something new and interesting with the established format. The twist? You can grill your steak for yourself. Simply choose from their extensive menu, and we’ll provide you with a volcanic stone in the centre of the table, and you can cook your meat to your exact specifications. London is a great place to eat, and at SteakInn Watford, we offer something now seen elsewhere in the city. Grilling your own steak is new to London, but all novelties aside, a steakhouse falls apart without a great menu. Lucky then, that SteakInn on St Albans Road in Watford has a selection to back it up. Ribeye, fillet and sirloin are there, of course, as well as chicken and even halloumi, for vegetarians. Dangerous and delicious animals are a trademark here, with ostrich, llama, buffalo, venison, rose veal, camel, goat, wagyu beef, turkey and even lamb steaks are available. An evening out at SteakInn Watford is like going on a culinary safari: book your place now!

Our Recommendations

Buffalo Steak

only 19.95
Ostrich Steak

only 17.95
Camel Steak

only £ 18.95
Volcanic Grill
Canada Venison

Venison Meat has got distinct game flavour with deep woody taste and is extremely tender, delicious and natural meat.

New Zealand Lamb

The red meat is tender, lean and full of flavour

Australia Camel

It's known for it's lean and strong flavour. It is a light red meat and tender and delicious.